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Lethbridge Piper & Associates was formed when NTA, a specialist services provider in strategic management solutions with over 25 years experience, joined with Brisbane-based company Safety Innovations Australia Pty Ltd in 2014. At the time, Safety Innovations Australia had over 18 years experience in occupational health and safety, workers’ compensation, auditing, investigation, and injury management.

Lethbridge Piper & Associates offers:

  • a comprehensive and detailed package of strategic services with a unique focus on neurodivergent workers;
  • skills and expertise tested and proven across a diverse range of clients; and
  • over a quarter of a century of hands-on experience in solving complex problems and supporting our client organizations’ leadership teams in their health & safety management obligations through professional coaching and mentoring.

Catherine Lee

Catherine Lee Lethbridge Piper & Associates

An experienced Occupational Health and Safety Management Consultant, Catherine partners with leadership teams, supporting them in achieving their strategic OHS objectives. She is a full member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Institute of Management Consultants and a Certified Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Health and Safety. Catherine is accredited by the Office of Industrial Relations as a WorkCover self-insurance auditor and is a Member of the International Coaching Federation.

With her qualifications and extensive experience, Catherine has achieved outstanding results for our clients in the areas of OHS management systems auditing, incident and claims investigation, complex case management, conflict resolution, mediation, health promotion, professional coaching, and mentoring. Working with Catherine, clients have been able to:

Make tangible improvements to their workplace culture by focusing on worker engagement, consultation, and negotiation;

Implement systems for the early identification and management of risks to the health and wellbeing of workers; and

Reduce their workers’ compensation costs through injury prevention and management programs, proactive and complex case management, and self-insurance.

Most recently Catherine has developed the Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative© which is designed to raise awareness and educate employers about the benefits of embracing neurodiversity and provide tools and techniques to assist employers in adapting their management systems to accommodate the different ways that all workers think, learn, process, and retain information, regulate emotions and attention, perceive and respond to risk.

Lethbridge Piper OHS Investigation

What Our Clients & Colleagues Have To Say …

Catherine has an excellent inquiring mind that seeks our safety innovations and applies evidence-based practices to her work.

Graham Easterby

Qld Building and Construction Commission

I had the pleasure of working with Cathy as a colleague for many years. Cathy’s case management and back-to-work support were instrumental in being able to manage WorkCover claims and ensure beneficial outcomes for employees coming back to work. I would not hesitate to recommend Cathy as an experienced professional in her field.

Richard Fahy

Aveo Group

I am delighted to recommend Cathy’s coaching services. Her warm, empathetic and incisive approach is extremely effective, allowing you to go deep while feeling supported. In a few sessions, Cathy helped me get clarity on some issues that had been plaguing me for years.


Professional Coaching Client

In our work together focusing on career transition to support my desired lifestyle, Cathy provided exceptional value through her ability to assess situations quickly and offer concrete tools, processes, and plans of action to enable successful growth, change, and set realistic goals. Cathy was extremely supportive and engaging and I highly recommend her as a coach.


Professional Coaching Clinet

I worked alongside Cathy for over three years and found her professional, collaborative and dynamic. Cathy has a wealth of knowledge covering r range of legislative and legal topics, non-profit service delivery, workplace health and safety, and staff engagement strategies, all of which she is willing to share. It was a pleasure working with Cathy and I hope our professional paths cross again.

Rosemary Hamilton-Smith

WorkCover Queensland

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