We provide advice and support to facilitate the integration of inclusive health and safety priorities into corporate objectives.


We establish long-term partnerships with our clients to create a culture in which neurodivergent workers can thrive.


Lethbridge Piper & Associates provides professional coaching, education, and support.


When things go wrong, you have an opportunity to find out what happened and to make whatever changes are needed to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative©

Lethbridge Piper & Associates is an Australian Occupational Health and Safety Management Consultancy with a difference. Specialising in neurodiversity.

We work with Boards and Executive Leadership Teams to support you in creating workplaces that are safe, healthy and inclusive of your neurodiverse workforce.

Get in touch to LEARN MORE about the Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative© or download our free eBook ADHD Safe Work – Employer’s Guide.

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