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Strategic Planning – We provide advice and support to facilitate the integration of inclusive health and safety priorities into corporate objectives.

We provide advice and support on the development of a health and safety management system that embraces the diverse range of skills, abilities, and challenges that exist within every neurodiverse workforce.

We support you to integrate health and safety risk management into the broader organizational strategic risk management framework.


Assurance Frameworks

We provide an objective examination of your safety, health, and wellbeing management systems, to identify gaps where neurodiverse workers may be vulnerable and work with you in consultation with your workers to design solutions.



Lethbridge Piper & Associates establishes long-term partnerships with client organizations to create a culture in which neurodivergent workers can thrive.
We offer…


Individualised Neurodiverse Safe Work Plans

Taking a person-centered approach and working directly with neurodivergent workers, their supervisors, and co-workers we design a Safe Work Plan that provides the right conditions for neurodiverse workers to work safely and excel.


Workplace Rehabilitation Programs

We help you facilitate the early and safe return to work of injured workers, especially if they have neurodivergent traits and need a more personalised program to meet their unique needs.



Coaching & Mentoring – We provide Professional Coaching for individuals or groups to develop leadership skills and Professional Mentoring to the Health and Safety and Rehabilitation teams to optimize the performance and safety of neurodiverse workers.


Skills development

Training and Skills Development – We provide formal and informal training and skills development to raise awareness and educate employers about neurodiversity and to destigmatize neurodiversity. With knowledge and skills, employers can feel confident in their ability to create a healthy, safe, and inclusive workplace culture for neurodiverse workers.

Training programs can be delivered in-house or online and we will soon be releasing courses that can be downloaded and completed at your own pace.



When things go wrong, you have an opportunity to find out what happened and to make whatever changes are needed to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

This can be complicated if the person involved in the incident, or the witnesses communicate, regulate emotion and attention, or perceive and respond to risk differently because they are neurodivergent.

In situations where you need an impartial review of the evidence, where procedural fairness may be compromised, or where there is a real or perceived conflict of interest, it’s important to consider outsourcing the investigation.


Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative©

Lethbridge Piper & Associates is an Australian Occupational Health and Safety Management Consultancy with a difference. Specialising in neurodiversity, we work with Boards and Executive Leadership Teams to support you in creating workplaces that are safe, healthy and inclusive of your neurodiverse workforce. Get in touch to LEARN MORE about the Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative© or download our free eBook ADHD Safe Work – Employer’s Guide.

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